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Newport Beach Vacation Rental Properties, Inc. specializes in managing the entire vacation rental process for homeowners in all vacation communities within Newport Beach including: Balboa Island, Balboa Peninsula, Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast and Lido Island. Many Newport Beach residents within these communities are blessed to own another property they visit on a part-time basis. While they are gone from their Newport Beach home, they make their property available to families who desire to vacation in Newport Beach and want something more than a 300sq. ft. hotel room. Instead of leaving their home vacant during visits to their other properties, these Newport Beach residents make anywhere from $2,500 to $8,000 a week and up to $60,000 every summer in vacation rental income, not to mention the off-season vacation rental opportunities. In most cases, this strategy pays their mortgage for the entire year!

Newport Beach Vacation Rental Properties, Inc. is part of the global network that markets and manages these vacation properties worldwide, driving vacationeers from all over North America and Europe to maximize the property owners vacation rental revenue. Prior to iTrip revolutionizing the vacation rental market, there were two main types of providers. One is the rental by owner model, where businesses provide online classified ads for people who wish to manage and rent their properties themselves – the owner-managed market.  At the other end of the scale is a full-service management company, (usually a real estate office) that manages and rents properties, charging fees of 20, 30, 40, and sometimes even 50% of rental receipts. These real estate offices typically deliver sub-standard service since their core business is selling real estate and not managing vacation rental properties.


Newport Beach Vacation Rental Properties, Inc. (Article)

Newport Beach Vacation Rental Properties, Inc. is a vacation rental management company that specializes in managing the entire vacation rental process for homeowners living in the upscale coastal communities of Newport Beach including: Balboa Island, Balboa Peninsula, Newport Island, Corona Del Mar and Newport Coast.

Each vacation property is marketed globally across a variety of websites that extend throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. This international reach using the power of the internet drives a lot of attention and interest from vacationeers around the globe seeking a vacation in beautiful Newport Beach, to our listing of vacation properties. A customized webpage is created for each property with professional wide-angle photographs and compelling property descriptions that highlight all the special features and amenities of each vacation home.

Once the vacation properties are booked, our local team in Newport Beach begins the property management process to prepare for the vacationeers arrival. All cleaning and maintenance personnel have been carefully selected, trained, and certified to ensure each vacation property meets the expectations of the vacationeers and returns it in the same condition as the property owner desires.

Since Newport Beach Vacation Rental Properties doesn’t have all the overhead of a traditional company with expensive high-end office building leases, full-time staff, and inventory we are in a position to pass that savings on to the property owners in the form of discounted management fees. Our   revenue split with the property owners is typically less than 15%, which is extremely competitive.


Vacation travelers reap the benefits.  More often than not, booking a vacation rental property is significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel, even in prime travel destinations.  And most times you end up with much more room, a full size kitchen and a much bigger gathering area.

Say you plan to visit Disneyland just outside of Newport Beach in Anaheim, CA. Like many, you could choose to stay in a hotel nearby; you’ll likely spend the week in a 300 square-foot hotel room with two double beds.  Or, you could rent a home walking distance to Newport Beach, 20 minutes from Disneyland with four bedrooms, a full-sized kitchen, dining room, and living room, two master suites, pool and hot tub, and pay approximately less than you would pay for that ting hotel room. If you and another family plan to visit Disneyland, both families could easily fit in that home… and then your total savings would be approximately 50% over paying for two hotel rooms.

Once families stay in a vacation rental property, have a better experience, and enjoy the savings involved, most people never go back to staying in a traditional hospitality space.

Since we aren’t in the business of selling real estate, we view realtors as our partners and offer significant referral commissions over the life of the vacation property agreement, which in many cases is 5-10 years representing an attractive new revenue stream for many realtors.

A better vacation experience at a lower cost – that’s a hard deal to turn down!

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Newport Beach Vacation Rentals, Inc. Home of the finest vacation rentals
by newport in costa mesa, CA

Have you dreamed of taking your dream vacation while still enjoying all the comforts of home? Well, start your next vacation with the help of Newport Beach Vacation Rentals and make memories that will last forever.

Newport Beach Vacation Rentals, Inc. Perfect Vacation!
by CorinSi in ORANGE, CA

Newport Beach Vacation Rentals provided my family and I exactly what we were looking for! A beautiful home for the week giving us the privacy and exclusive location on the beach! It was above any of the 5 star hotels we were looking into. Paul was the sweetest man to work with. We are definitely going to be calling him again this summer!

Newport Beach Vacation Rentals, Inc. Great Vacation Rentals
by todd in corona del mar, CA

Newport Beach Vacation Rentals, located in Newport Beach, CA and serving Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Corona del Mar and Balboa Island, is the company to use if you are looking to rent a home in a coastal community instead of just renting a hotel for your next vacation. And as a home owner, they can rent your luxury home and you only pay about 15% of the rental income to them - meaning you pocket 85% of the money and do none of the work! Be sure to check out Newport Beach Vacation Rentals the next time you are looking to rent a place to stay, or the next time you want to rent your home to others.

Newport Beach Vacation Rentals, Inc. A genuine guy to work with!
by paul5320 in Newport Beach, CA

Mr Aubin; is as cool and professional as you can expect to find in the luxury home vacation rental business. I recommend him to everyone looking to visit and relax at a fine home in Newport Beach.

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