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Dr. Mohammed Danesh MD
31581 Canyon Estate Dr
Lake Elsinore, CA,92532


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Dr. Mohammed Danesh MD
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danette leonard
Physicians and Surgeons, Family Medicine and General Practice



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Dr. Mohammed Danesh MD is located in Lake Elsinore, CA


Dr. Mohammed Danesh MD has not updated this section.


Dr. Mohammed Danesh MD can be reached at 951‑244‑3500

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Dr. Mohammed Danesh MD Not happy with unhappy people
by AshleeO in SUN CITY, CA

The whole office is filled with lazy workers. Who aren;t happy doing there job, and children should have happy doctors who know what they are doing and not F***ing around DONT BRING YOUR KID OR BABY THERE!!!

Dr. Mohammed Danesh MD Excellent medical care in Lake Elsinore CA
by danette in mission viejo, CA

This is a really great doctor...everyone in the neighborhood raves about Doctor Danesh...and now he has expanded his practice to a very large facility in Lake Elsinore..called Lake Elsinore Urgent Care/Family Practice

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